Workshop on inverted encoding models (featuring Tommy Sprague)

We are happy to announce a forthcoming workshop on Inverted Encoding Models for Neural Data. We have invited Tommy Sprague from John Serences group at UCSD to give a workshop on the methods behind his latest work on visual memory and spatial priority maps (see here and here).
A review of this work, which includes an overview of applications of Inverted Encoding Models is available here: SpragueSaprooSerences_TICS_2015.

The workshop will include an introduction to inverted encoding models and a hands-on interactive session (using actual data from EEG and fMRI experiments). For this reason, participation is limited to a total of 20 people (some of these places are reserved for the organizers). We’ll see how many of you would like to participate. If there are too many, we’ll throw the dice. In any case, you should let us know in one or two sentences who you are (field of study, degree) and why this is important to you.

Date & Time: March 23, 2015, 10:00 to ~16:00 (including a lunch break)
Location: Seminar room @ BCCN Berlin (see address and map at the bottom of this page)
Requirements: Fluency in Matlab, your own laptop with a working Matlab installation.
Registration deadline: March 11, 2015, 12pm.


Register here: Registration is now closed.
We are really looking forward to this!