Our new paper made it onto the cover of J Neurophysiol

Our new paper in on remapping during attentive tracking of moving objects is about to appear in the Journal of Neurophysiology. Martin Szinte, postdoc in Heiner Deubel’s lab in Munich and the lead author of the paper, designed a cover illustration that will adorn the journal’s next three issues!

Click on the image, to have a closer look. Here’s the caption:

Keeping our attention on a target becomes a challenge when the eyes are moving: the attentional map is retinotopic and shifts with each eye movement. Szinte et al. report that attentional resources are sent predictively to the expected postsaccadic location with the consequence that currently attended targets lose resources just before the eye movement. In this example, we keep track of the ambulance by anticipating its continued movement and allocating attention ahead of it, and we maintain this dynamic attentional focus even when we move our eyes by prioritizing the future of the ambulance over its current position in retinal coordinates. From Szinte M, Carrasco M, Cavanagh P, Rolfs M. Attentional trade-offs maintain the tracking of moving objects across saccades. J Neurophysiol; published ahead of print January 21, 2015, doi:10.1152/jn.00966.2014.