Welcome to Kai, Yiğit, and Susie

Our team is now complete for the upcoming semester. We warmly welcome Kai Standvoß, a PhD fellow of the Einstein Center Neurosciences, to his lab rotation and Yiğit Erigüç who will do an internship on intra-saccadic vision. And of course, welcome back Susie Bryan who is going to tackle her master's thesis.

Back from VSS — thanks for all the good feedback

As everyone is busy writing manuscripts only two of us—Alex and Martin—made it to the annual Vision Sciences Society Meeting in St. Pete Beach, Florida, this year. But the two of us had a productive and inspiring time. Alex and Martin presented a poster on the correlates of visual awareness in microsaccadic inhibition. The resonance was very positive and … Continue reading Back from VSS — thanks for all the good feedback