ECVP 2022 

Several members of our lab attended the recent European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP) and presented posters and talks on their research.

Olga Shurygina and Nicholas Roth began by holding a tutorial on “Eye movements recording, analysis and modeling”. Olga then presented her poster “Saccade kinematics reflect object-based attention in realistic but not in simplified stimuli”. Flora Muscinelli, Olga and Nico then had a poster presentation on “Object-based spread of attention affects fixation duration during free viewing.” Laura Wirth and Olga had a poster presentation on “Target-location rather than target-object specific saccadic selection in visual working memory.” To conclude the conference for our lab members, Łukasz Grzeczkowski gave a talk titled “Robust feature blanking effect for a wide range of spatial frequencies”. Their presentations showcased the breadth and depth of our research and demonstrated the quality of work being conducted in our lab.

ECVP was a great opportunity for our lab members to present their work and engage with the wider vision science community. These lab members had the chance to present their findings, receive feedback from experts in the field, and learn about the latest developments in visual perception research.

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